Here are the main features on this knife that make me want to carry it everyday.

  • Ony weighs 3.75 oz. and has fairly grippy G10 scales.  Who doens’t like digi-camo…cmon.
  • The compression lock.  You’ll be spending hours flipping the blade out.  The lock-up sound when you flick it is entertaining.  I don’t know of any other lock that’s this fun.
  • Blade steel is CPM-S30V which isn’t the best but very high quality.  You’ll be able to keep a working edge longer without touchups
  • Variety:  You’ll surely be able to find a style you like if you appreciate this model.  You can go with a Satin blade with black or digi camo G10, OR the same handle options with a black DLC coated blade.  Along with many sprint-runs and exclusives over the years.

If you want a good knife that you can appreciate carrying everyday and will possibly last so it could be handed down a

generation I’d start here.  And, possibly work your way up the spectrum even though, there are plenty of budget knives

that will meet your needs.  If you’re a gadget guy and like pocket knives….you won’t go wrong with a compression lock

just because of the fun factor…trust me on this one.

Check prices here:   Spyderco Paramilitary 2

Spyderco just release their smaller version of this knife as well, the Para 3

If you find the PM2 handle or blade too long….the Para 3 has only a 3″ blade with 4.27 inch handle length.