Not sure how you can go wrong with this one for only around 28 bucks.  What sells it for me is the ergonomics.  Even if it has cheaper Aus-8A blade steel and a cheap polymer handle….it fits your hand so well that you’ll forget about the first two.  You’re only looking at a 2″ blade here but it’s all usable space.  Basically, like using a giant razor blade with a handle…which is a good thing.

A couple negatives would be the jimping on the blade is almost useless…although it does look cool.  Also, you can only carry tip-down on this one.  This was slightly annoying until I found it’s super easy to carry in the outside of your back pocket.  You’ll barely notice it there and can sit down easily without it digging in.  I like to carry here as it’s also going to protect from accidental openings in your pocket.

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